Band History
this History is Shorty and Pam and the bands and some of the musicians we worked with.
  RFRADIO FLYER BAND       Shorty and Pam Vocals Guitars and keyboards, 3 piece   w/ Carey Patterson on vocals and guitar. 

   Click on this link for the YouTube Live RADIO FYER   sampler of our music *exerpts from a live recording of an entire night at the Harbor Masters, Carolina Beach, NC. we used a variety of songs,  using 35- 45 seconds each from 8 different songs. While using a slide show of various types of venues over the past few years. Pam and Shorty Watkins with Barry Hood on Drums With sequenced bass, horns keyboards (no backing tracks.)
:00 Boogie Shoes   K.C and the Sunshine Band
    :42 Givin it up For You Love     Delbert Mcclinton
   1:29  Slowhand     Pointer Sisters
   2:05  Brickhouse    the Commodores
   2:38  Standing on Shaky Ground     Etta James
  3:20   Mustang Sally     the Commitments
  4:09  Gypsy     Fleetwood Mac
  4:40  Tonight’s the Night     Rod Stewart

Song List Radio Flyer

RADIO FLYER Band   (featuring Pam & Shorty Watkins)ORIGINAL SONGS  are on itunes or Rhapsody.  or use this link.

SWB (Shorty Watkins Band)
With Shorty Watkins Pam Watkins, Earl Sidbury(drums) Tim Zerr On Bass, and Carey Paterson on Guitar.  

check us out on Facebook.  Shorty Watkins,  Pamela Watkins,  FB pages on  Radio Flyer, and RelX

Picture Page Radio Flyer


THE SHE 5  She 5 at Lambeau Field     (Pam) She 5 at Lambeau Field, LZ lambeau,  Welcome Home Vietnam Vets,  on YouTube
here are links to someof the songs. There are 6 songs,  it should list all of them. You can  click these links

I Thank You  THE SHE 5 
We gotta get out of this place  SHE 5
Chain of Fools THE SHE 5
the other songs on my Youtube page from the She Five include Sweet Inspiration, Hold On I'm Coming, and Live for Today 

 THE SHE 5 (link to She 5 page) performance.    If you would like to send us an email please feel free to email us at  and please use The She 5  in the subject line so i know it isn't spam.

Don't forget to check out the link to THE   DOGHOUSE  where we put together our music and we also record other musicians, singers and songwriters . Now giving GUITAR lessons  beginners & up) ages 7 & UP,   Pam

TAPE Restoration Have old tapes that need saving.  WE BAKE and restore old tapes,  for more info contact Us email or phone.   Recording Specials and more,  singer songwriters,  vocalists,  commercials.

Also available,  Recording ;Lessons





featuring Shorty & Pam Watkins

LAST UPDATE  Feb 8, 2015   Calendar  

Radio Flyer Band  is available for  bookings:  Clubs, Outdoor Events,  Private Parties, & Weddings  For more information: call 910-617-3014  for Shorty or Pam Watkins or you can email us at  or     please use Radio Flyer in subject line.
                NOW PLAYING    full booking list Calendar  page  

 Radio Flyer  Feb 28th Saturday at the Rusty Nail. 8-12

March 21st Saturday Cody's III from 9 til 1

find us on facebook, 

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Shorty Watkins,  Pamela Watkins on Facebook  
  email us, whether to say hi, or if you have questons,  we would love to hear from you.

Radio Flyer (Pam & Shorty) are still together. We  are forming a 2nd band going back to the way we were in Atlanta,  SWB The Shorty Watkins Band  we do some of the same material as Radio Flyer but for now guitars bass and drums BAND without the keyboards & sequences.  We longed for the spontaniety of what we had in Atlanta, GA,  and hope to get back to our  roots.





Radio Flyer Band
SPE Productions formly Doghouse Studio
Phone: 910-617-3014
Castle Hayne, NC

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