THE SHE 5  played Lambeau Field Welcome Home Vietnam Vets May 21st 2010

I have a few pictures here,  more coming and film clips too.
I Thank You by the She 5
We Gotta Get out of this Place by the She 5  6 songs total

photos from 2010

The SHE 5         Audrey      Pat            Cheryl      Darlene     Pamela

 Our agent Gary VanZeeland, the poster from overseas & more

Photos from 1967 and HISTORY:    The She 5 was formed in the spring of 1966 by Audrey (Reffke) Hendrickson,   In the 1st photo from left to right,  Darlene (Ryba)Borchardt, rhythm guitar & trumpet,   Cheryl (Young) Schwartz  organ,   Audrey (Reffke) Hendrickson drums,  Pamela (Hurst)Watkins, lead guitar & lead vocalist,  front center Pat Yingling  Bass guitarist

These are a few of the articles  from 1968 Vietnam tour, found after all these years, a bit faded and yellow,  but readable,  double click on them to get the full view,  right click to save to your computer or print.  After reading the articles myself,  i found a few mistakes, but then,  we lied about our age back then (maybe now too), Darlene and Pam were NOT seniors in high school,  actually had just finished our sophomore year in high school.  It is amazing that women actually say they are older, when they are too young,  and then miss a few years as they get older LOL.
Anyway,  back to Vietnam:
We were in Saigon for about 5 weeks while we played Long Binh,  Dong Tam, Tan An Da Nang,  Phu Bai,(not sure of the spellings) and also performed in what they called Down in the Delta.  Hopefully someone can enlighten me on the spellings and such.  It was a long time ago, and at that age, I know that I sometimes didn't even know where I was and when.  We also spent some time in Thailand,  Korea, and Taiwan.  We never made it to the Philippines,  or Japan, except to change planes.  We ran out of time and had to get back to school.  Darlene and I (Pam) were 5 weeks late getting back to school,  but we were both able to make up for lost time with our life experience in forms of essays etc.  Math was the only thing that was hard to get caught up with.